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Learning Curves!

As many of you may already know Kernow Competitons is run by me, Gemma, a 24 year old full-time working mum of one and Kernow Competitions came about from my love of comping without all the usual hassle that goes along with it. As you can imagine I have no previous experience of running a business which has made this last 5 months a huge learning curve for me!

I have used bits of knowledge i have gained along the way but I have had to learn so much that I wouldn’t have initially thought would be relevant or necessary. Mistakes have been made and learnt from and improvements are constantly being made to not only suit our customers but also to make things more efficient and effective for myself. Juggling family life, full time work and running a business can be hard, tiring and stressful but boy is it worth it! 

I am loving this journey that I am sharing with each and every one of you!


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